Linh Phan: Creative Producer

Health in the Backyard

Client: Oxford University Clinical Research Unit - Vietnam (OUCRU-VN)
Production House: Fact & Fiction Films
Role: Creative Producer, Project Leader, Lead Trainer, Lead Facilitator
Date: 2013 - 2015
Location: Vietnam

Health in the Backyard (HIB) is a public engagement project ran by OUCRU-VN, in connection with the zoonotic reaseach being conducted at there. The result is a comprehensive look at percived health risks of animal workers through community generated digtial media. Participants were given digtial cameras and were asked to photograph their daily life and percived health risks. This ranged from drinking and eating fresh animal blood, prevention methods and materials, experiences with avian bird flu, antibiotic use and treatment methods for sick animals, to name but a few.

The result was over 60 community generated films where each particpant, wrote, photograhed, voice-recorded and edited their own film with the assistance of the project facilitators. The films were then used as a points of discussion at community forums, as supporting material for researchers and as a case study at international public engagement conferences.