Linh Phan: Creative Producer

Madame Chinh

Type: TV Series (Historical Drama)
Role: Creative Producer

The Widow Ching was a prostitute in Canton before being kidnapped by a powerful pirate, captain Zheng. She married him in exchange for half of his property. He died and Ching Shih took over. She became the leader of the largest brotherhood of pirates in history.

A precursor of feminism, she established a strict code of piracy respecting women. A military strategist she defied the Emperor and his Portuguese and British allies, then defeated them in battle. Twice. Ching Shih ruled over thousands of pirates, robbers, sinners and a network of spies at court.

Finally, rich, old and wanting to retire, Madame Ching negotiated her amnesty. Ennobled by an imperial decree she spent her old days caring for her grandchild in the daytime all the while running a gambling house at night.

She is the most successful pirate in history.

Photos by Morgan Ommer