Linh Phan: Creative Producer


Linh runs a multitude of project independenly and with collaborators. Below are a few that are currently in development.

Here and There

Here and There captures the micro history of unique, individual stories of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants from around the globe through community generated digital media. This content, alongside other supporting media, is housed on a highly designed and interactive web platform, appealing to tech and culture savvy users. Upon completion of the website, the content is turned into an interactive art exhibit that can be taken on the road and additional stories will be collected at each location.

Madame Chinh

The Widow Ching was a prostitute in Canton before being kidnapped by a powerful pirate, captain Zheng. She married him in exchange for half of his property and when  he died, she took ove to become leader of the largest brotherhood of pirates in history.

A precursor of feminism, she established a strict code of piracy respecting women. A military strategist she defied the Emperor and his Portuguese and British allies, then defeated them in battle. Twice.  She is the most successful pirate in history.

Seen in Saigon

Seen in Saigon is a culture channel promoting international music in Saigon.  It is a series of short digital content that explores the underground music scene in Saigon with exclusive interviews and live performances of local and visiting international artists, such as The Vaccines, Stanton Warriors, The Lemonheads, Hardcore Vietnam, etc.

Seen in Saigon helped document some of the more important underground music and arts events in Saigon at the time." Rod Quinton, Music Venue Owner - Cargo Bar

Saigon Rocks

Saigon Rocks is a documentary that explores the unknown, underground “Youth Music” scene from the 1950’s up until the fall of Saigon in 1975. The bands played in various G.I. Bars around town and even held a full day music festival at the Saigon Zoo, attend by G.I.s and Vietnamese hippies. There's been a resurrargance of interest from the young Vietnamese as Vietnam becomes more modern.